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Digital Signal Processing route


Why can digital signal processing (DSP) help?




The Effective directivity by DSP chapter is explained in more detail. It is also published in a QEX article (see also Published Articles)



Using DSP one can implement the best or ideal:


with only one antenna and one receiver:

-        CW filters

-        Multi Notch Filtering

-        Noise Reduction techniques

-        Noise Blanker techniques

-        AGC

-        S-meter

-        Binaural / Panoramic Reception


with two (or more) antennas and two (or more) phase coherent receivers:

-        Manual / Automatic Phaser (Noise Canceller)

-        Effective Directivity using TDOA

-        True Diversity Reception

-        Enhanced Stereo Reception


I have implemented this in my Software Defined Radio Hardware and Software.


And in DSP one can implement even more clever, sophisticated and complex tricks.

For instance (Blind) Source Separation?


And of course the only one place for the AGC is at the end !!!



Last update: March 18, 2018